Gastronomía Al Atlántico alquiler vacacional Cádiz (2)


The Mediterranean diet. Fruit, vegetables, pulses, bread, and the jewel in the crown, olive oil.  Spain in general, and Andalusia in particular, are clear exponents of this wonderful diet that is now so popular in other parts of the world. Traditional hearty stews and pulses; or lighter dishes, made with fresh vegetables.  All have a magic ingredient....local olive oil!

Olive oil is renowned throughout the world for its health-giving properties and of course for the extraordinary taste it adds to each dish. And Andalusia is one of the leading regions in olive oil exports.

Cadiz itself specialises in fish and seafood. Tuna from Barbate, local Cadiz mackerel, baby sole, squid, huss,... Seafood favourites here include langoustine from Sanlucar, gambas, oysters, sea urchins, baby clams,... Cadiz is famous for its fried fish and seafood bars.  These all form part of the region's gastronomy, always washed down of course with a nice glass of wine. And when it comes to wine, Cadiz has been making an indelible mark on the global map for centuries, more specifically the sherry houses of Jerez-de-la-Frontera and El Puerto de Santa María.

Enjoy the tapas culture, not only the traditional stalwarts but also the new and evolving flavours. The number of gastro bars is on the rise in Cadiz; modern and minimalist cooking...there is plenty to discover and to taste. The wine. The ham. The picos (mini bread sticks):

  • Cadiz: El Faro, Ventorrillo el Chato, Taberna Casa El Manteca, Freiduría Las Flores.
  • San Fernando: El Bartolo, Casa Pepe, Venta de Vargas, Los Tarantos.
  • Chiclana: Manguita, Los pescadores, Casa Mayte, Alevante.
  • El Puerto de Santa María: Romerijo, Aponiente, El Faro de El Puerto.
  • Sanlúcar de Barrameda: Asador El Rancho.